Shalom Leeds


Shalom Leeds

Shalom began his career in 2008 at Tryko Partners, rehabilitating and painting apartments at one of the company’s complexes in Pittsburgh. After impressing his managers with a take-charge attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes, he was promoted to maintenance supervisor at an extremely distressed, affordable property. In that role, Shalom had a true “hard knocks” experience in everything maintenance and construction related. More importantly, he learned the true necessity and value of building a great team.

After working day and night for 18 months to stabilize the property, Shalom gained the respect and confidence of his supervisors and was promoted to property manager. Advancing with the growth of the company, Shalom filled their need for an area manager, and was repeatedly tasked with stabilizing and building up the challenging properties and management infrastructure. From there, Shalom moved into a regional managerial role, overseeing all the Pittsburgh properties. He was subsequently promoted to VP of Operations and was responsible for half of Tryko’s multifamily portfolio.

After the departure of Shalom’s counterpart in 2018, Shalom was brought in to take over management of the entire 7,000+ unit portfolio. At every stage, Shalom was obsessive about learning all he could. At the same time, Shalom was passionate about teaching and building up his subordinates in order to maximize their potential within the company.

Today, Shalom empowers and leads the team at Overbrook, applying his deep industry knowledge and management experience to propel further successes.